Tcl'2002 Conference
    Tcl'2002 Europe

Refereed papers - Tcl'2002 Conference Proceedings


Jeff Hobbs State of Tcl
Tcl 8.4 Overview
Mark Roseman Ten Years of Rapid Development

Refereed papers

Steve Ball TclXML: The Next Generation
Thomas Burch Tcl/Tk-Based Electronic Publication of the Deutsche Wöerterbuch
Mac Cody Toucan: A Feathered Friend for Palm
Harvey Davies The NAP (N-Dimensional Array Processor) Extension to Tcl
Hugh Dunne Using Tcl for Test Automation of a Large Fiber-Optic Switching System
William H. Duquette Automated Testing of the Deep Space Network's Uplink System
Ken Fitch Tcl/Tk-Based Alarm Presentation System
Brian Griffin Realizing Windows Look & Feel with Tk (doc)
Simon Hefti Fast Docbook Rendering: Unleash the Power of tDom, mod_websh and apache2
Scripting for Java
Kevin B. Kenny Tcl Bytecode Optimization: Some Experiences (PDF)
Christian Kohls Using Tcl to Design Interactive eLearning Materials
Andreas Kupries Experiences with Modularizing the Tcl Core For Better Portability
Steve Landers Beyond TclKit: Deployment Options for the Tcl Masses
Dan Razzell The Suitability of Tcl/Tk for Remote System Management
Scott Thibault Supporting Tcl in Hardware
Jean-Claude Wippler CriTcl: Beyond Stubs and Compilers
What Makes the Tcl'ers Wiki Tick - Past, Present, and Future