Tcl'2002 Conference
    Tcl'2002 Europe

Tcl Europe - Tcl'2002 Conference Proceedings

Electronic copies of the papers presented at Tcl'Europe. This conference is also known as the 3rd European Tcl/Tk User Meeting. It was held on June 27 to 28, 2002 in Munich/Perlach, Germany.

Campbell Boyd Tcl/Tk-based Equipment Station Control in a Semiconductor Manufacturing Environment
Thomas Busl NIS+ Tool
Bastien Chevreux Writing Commercial Grade Multiplatform End-User Applications with Tcl/Tk and PowerTcl
Dr. Jürgen Döllner A Tcl/Tk Library for 3D Graphics
Jeff Hobbs State of Tcl
Tcl 8.4 Overview
Christian Kohls jtap - Using Tcl to design interactive eLearning materials
Arjen Markus Doing Mathematics with Tcl
Csaba Nemethi Filling a Gap in Tk with Tablelist
Paul Obermeier Img - Inside & Out
Leo Schubert WATTR Widget Attributes Package
Malte Sussdorff Web-Development with OpenACS
Zoran Vasiljevic Archiware PresStore
Charlie Viaene TOOP, A Tcl Extension for Object Oriented Programming
Jean-Claude Wippler Repositories, Deployment factories, Binary code, and CD-ROMs