October 19 - 23, 2015

Comfort Suites Manassas
Manassas, Virginia, USA
7350 Williamson Blvd, 20109
Phone: +1 703 686 1100
Fax: +1 703 686 1128

The printed proceedings can be found at the Tcl Association's shop at

Talk Speakers Media
Application to Library: Re-Architecting a Large Monolithic Tcl/Tk Application Will Duquette AthenaDB.docx
Exact Real Arithmetic in Tcl Kevin Kenny xra-paper.pdf
How To Make Tcl Twice As Fast --- Experiences in using micro-optimizations to improve the performance of SQLite Richard Hipp MicroOptimization.pdf
Introducing TOOL Sean Woods Tool_paper.pdf
Mighty Morphin' Widgets Clif Flynt FileWatch.pdf
Our Kitchen sink -- The Tcllib Standard Library Andreas Kupries Tcllib.pdf
ROSEA -- A Relation Oriented Software Execution Architecture Andrew Mangogna
Regression GUI testing Clif Flynt TkTest.pdf
Status report on Tcl type analysis and code generation Donal Fellows, Kevin Kenny TheTclQuadcodeCompiler-slides.pdf
Swift/T: Dataflow Composition of Tcl Scripts for Petascale Computing Justin M Wozniak SwiftT-paper.pdf
Tcl Community Hour Sean Woods TclCommunityHour.pdf
Tcl Core Team Panel Andreas Kupries, Brian Griffin, Donal Fellows, Donald Porter, Kevin Kenny n/a
The (Active)State Of Tcl Brad Harder ActiveStateOfTcl.pdf
The universal developer - deploying modern solutions on the Mac Kevin Walzer Tk-On-Mac.pdf
TyCL 2.0 Andres Buss TyCL-2.0.pdf
Using the Tcl VFS for encryption Phil Brooks UsingTclVFSforEncryption-slides.pdf
biot - Information Pipelines in IoT-Clouds Emmanuel Frecon biot-InformationPipelinesinIoT-Clouds.pdf

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