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15th Annual Tcl/Tk Conference

October 20-24, 2008

Comfort Suites Manassas
7350 Williamson Blvd
Manassas, Virginia 20109
Phone: (703) 686-1100
Fax: (703) 686-1128

Important Information
Abstracts and proposals due August 15, 2008
Notification to authors September 7, 2008
Author materials due October 15, 2008
Tutorials start October 20, 2008
Conference starts October 22, 2008
Email Contact [email protected]

Sponsored by the Tcl Association We are pleased to announce the 15th Annual Tcl/Tk conference (Tcl'2008), sponsored by The Tcl Association, with help from:
Noumena Corporation , SR Technology, Iomas Research and ActiveState .

Learn from the experts and share your knowledge. The annual Tcl/Tk conference is the best opportunity to talk with experts and peers, cross-examine the Tcl/Tk core team, learn about what's coming and how to use what's here.

Conference Highlights

  • Tutorials taught by Tcl experts
  • In depth discussions of 8.5 changes and how to take advantage of them
  • The future of Tcl after 8.5
  • Best practices in package management
  • Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions
  • Discussion forums with the Tcl/Tk core team
  • Tcl/Tk Social Suite for late night discussions and beverage consumption.

Paper Abstracts

The abstracts for this year's papers are online here.

Invited Talks

  • Keynote Address
    Dan Foos of Test and Evaluation Solutions will discuss how Tcl/Tk is moving the US Navy into the 21'st century.

    TNES has worked for the past 5 years with Richard Hipp, Blue Team, Clif Flynt and Sean Woods to develop a Tcl-based massively parallel system to model how a ship recovers from damage. Tcl and Tk are used in all phases of the data processing from blueprint and data entry to simulation and cluster control to data mining, final graphs and report generation.

  • Tcl 9.0: Threat or Menace?
    Putting together the roadmap for the next major release of Tcl/Tk

  • The (Active)State of Tcl
    Delivered by Tcl/Tk release manager Jeff Hobbs
    Jeff describes where we are now, and where we'll be soon.

Experts who have confirmed attendance

  • Jeff Hobbs: The Tcl Guy, Lead Developer at ActiveState and more
  • Don Porter: Tcl project Release Manager and more
  • Clif Flynt: Author of Tcl/Tk: A Developer's Guide
  • Steve Landers: StarKit and Critcl co-developer
  • Mike Doyle: Chairman of Eolas
  • Miguel Sofer: Wizard Tcl Maintainer/Extender
  • Tomasz Kosiak: Google Summer-Of-Code recruiter from Poland
  • Larry Virden: Maintainer of the FAQ
  • Matthew Bruke: Open-ACS developer, GSoC contactw

Jobs Board

There will be a jobs board again. If you are interested in hiring a Tcl/Tk expert or two, or are looking for new engagement, either show up with your announcement ready to tack on the board, or send email to [email protected].


Game Night Will Return. Bring your wits!

Conference Location

The conference will be held at the Comfort Suites Manassas , with rooms at $93.00 (US) per night from Thursday (10/16) to the following Tuesday (10/28).

To register for a room at the conference hotel, you must call them at (703) 686-1100. Be certain to mention that you are with the Tcl/Tk Conference to get the Tcl/Tk Conference room rate.

These rooms will be released to the general public after September 29, so be sure to reserve your room early.

Papers and Abstracts

The list of papers and their abstracts will be available in the schedule section of these pages after September 7, 2008.

Last year's papers are available on last year's page.

Call for Papers

You are invited and indeed encouraged to submit proposals for presentations and tutorials. The conference schedule will consist of 2 days of tutorials (Monday - Tuesday) and 3 days for the main conference (Wednesday - Friday).

Topics will include, but are not limited to:

  • Application of Tcl/Tk in industries as diverse as engineering, industrial controls, broadcasting, financial services, medical and electronic design
  • Networking with Tcl/Tk, including distributed applications and network management
  • New widgets and techniques for GUI design with Tk
  • Simulation and application steering with Tcl/Tk
  • Tcl/Tk on handheld and embedded devices
  • New Tcl extensions and add-ons, including Tcllib and Tklib
  • Tcl/Tk centric operating environments

Submission Guidelines

If you are interested in submitting a paper you should send an abstract of about 100 words and a summary of maximum two pages. Omit extraneous or redundant information. Length is not a direct factor in judging the quality of the submission.

If submitting a tutorial proposal you should send an outline of the tutorial and a brief biography, and clearly indicate whether the tutorial is of half-day or full-day duration.

Send paper submissions as plain text to [email protected] no later than August 15, 2008.

Send tutorial proposals as plain text to [email protected] no later than April 30, 2008

The primary author for each accepted paper will receive registration to the Technical Sessions portion of the conference at a reduced rate.

The program committee will review and evaluate papers according to the following criteria:

  • Quantity and quality of novel content
  • Relevance and interest to the Tcl/Tk community
  • Suitability of content for presentation at the conference

Proposals may report on commercial or non-commercial systems, but those with only blatant marketing content will not be accepted.

Application and experience papers need to strike a balance between background on the application domain and the relevance of Tcl/Tk to the application. Application and experience papers should clearly explain how the application or experience illustrates a novel use of Tcl/Tk, and what lessons the Tcl/Tk community can derive from the application or experience to apply to their own development efforts.

Papers accompanied by non-disclosure agreement forms will be returned to the author(s) unread. All submissions are held in the highest confidentiality prior to publication in the Proceedings, both as a matter of policy and in accord with the U. S. Copyright Act of 1976.

Registration Information

To register for a room at the Comfort Suites, Manassas you must call them at (703) 686-1100. Be certain to mention that you are with the Tcl/Tk Conference to get the Tcl/Tk Conference room rate.

To register for the conference and tutorials, click here

To keep in touch with conference announcements and Tcl events in general, subscribe to the tcl-announce list by entering your email and selecting Tcl-announce.

Conference Committee

Sean Woods   Test and Evaluation SolutionsFacilities Chair
Ron Fox   NSCL Michigan State UniversityProgram Chair
Clif Flynt   Noumena CorpGeneral Chair
Steve Redler IV   SR Technology
Steve Landers   Digital Smarties
Cyndy Lilagan   Iomas Research
Kevin Kenny   GE Global Research Center
Jeffrey Hobbs   ActiveState Software Inc.
Gerald Lester   TicketSwitch USA, LLC
Richard Suchenwirth   Siemens Industrial Solutions and Services
Andreas Kupries   ActiveState Software Inc.
Donal Fellows   University of Manchester
Larry Virden   Tcl FAQ Maintainer
Mike Doyle   Iomas Research

Contact Information

[email protected]