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Tcl/Tk Community Resources

The worldwide community of Tcl/Tk developers is certainly one of the most important assets available. This large and helpful community is a constant source of ideas, code samples, extensions, applications, and technical support.

This page highlights some of the most important resources that the community provides. Get to know them all to make the most of your experience with Tcl/Tk.

The Tcler's Wiki

A highly collaborative and rapidly evolving site, the Tcler's Wiki is a veritable treasure trove of Tcl and Tk tips, tricks and trivia. An active wiki for wide ranging discussions, code snippets and advice ranging from immensely useful to highly obscure, the site is a good first stop when faced with "I wonder if anyone has done...".

The comp.lang.tcl Newsgroup

Since the very earliest days of Tcl and Tk, the Usenet group news:comp.lang.tcl (or via Google) has been the best forum for general discussion of Tcl/Tk, along with it's various extensions and related software. A companion announcements group is also available (news: or via Google.)

The Tcler's chat, and related channels

A companion to the wiki, the Tcler's chat provides a popular real-time hangout for many Tcl experts and newcomers alike. Accessible via Jabber clients or via an IRC gateway, it's no surprise that many prefer the TkChat application.

This chat is further bridged to a Slack channel as well.


is possible as well, our channel is TclLang

Mailing Lists

A number of more specialized mailing lists are available which discuss particular sub-topics of interest to the Tcl/Tk community.


The upcoming "SQLite & Tcl 2020" conference has been canceled, due to COVID-19.

Information about previous conferences is available at the conferences page.

There is also an annual European Tcl/Tk Conference, with videos of the presentations from the last few available on YouTube.


Tcl and Tk training is offered by ActiveState, Noumena and others. Tutorials and training sessions are also held at the conferences.

Other Resources

Remember to check out the documentation pages on this site, as well as the About Tcl/Tk pages for all kinds of information that can help you with Tcl/Tk.
As well, remember that Tcl/Tk core development is a community-wide activity, and many of the same resources that are used by core developers are also used for other extensions and applications; why not yours too?
Finally, be sure to check the People & Community page on the wiki.