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This page lists some of the binary distributions of Tcl/Tk. These fall into two categories:

  • traditional installers
  • self-contained single file executables that can be downloaded and run without installation.

Binary installers

Some installer-based binary distributions are listed below. In almost all cases, these distributions include various commonly used libraries and extensions in addition to the core Tcl/Tk software.

ActiveState maintains ActiveTcl binary distributions for multiple platforms. These include both free-for-personal-use licensed versions as well as business editions with commercial support.

Binary distribution for Windows and Linux are also available from Thomas Perschak.

Installers specifically for the Windows platform are available from the BAWT Project, Magicsplat and IronTcl. This last also offers commercial support.

The AndroWish project distributes Tcl/Tk binaries for Android platforms.

Single file executables

One of the simplest options for running Tcl on your system is to download a self-contained single file executable that includes the Tcl interpreter and core packages within the executable image. There is no installation step required; just download and run to get a fully functional Tcl/Tk environment.

The KitCreator project distributes pre-built single file exectuables based on Tclkit technology for several platforms. In addition, it provides an online interface to a cross-compilation system that can do customized builds for a Windows, Linux, OS X, Android and a wide variety of Unix systems as well as include additional packages and extensions.

A similar alternative is the kitgen build system which provides pre-built executables for Linux and Windows as well as scripts for automated download and builds on other platforms.

Finally, FreeWrap, although based on a different technology than two above, provides similar functionality and pre-built executables for Windows and Linux.