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Latest Release: Tcl/Tk 8.7a5 (Jun 18, 2021)

Tcl/Tk 8.7 is now in alpha development. Those seeking its new features, or those invested in keeping their existing Tcl-related work compatible with the next releases of Tcl and Tk are invited to try and track this development work.

Highlights of Tcl 8.7 (so far)

  • Expanded Unicode Support
  • Attached Filesystem Archives Include a zip archive of a filesystem in libraries or executables. Allows them to carry support data such as script libraries, encodings, message catalogs, images, and more.
  • New Notifiers: The central event handling engine in Tcl is now constructed on top of the system calls epoll or kqueue when they are available. The select based implementation also remains for platforms where they are not.
  • Comment syntax in expressions
  • regsub -command: Expand the power of your substitutions with this new option permitting substitution of values generated by script evaluation.
  • Explicit decimal notation: Integer values may be optionally marked by the prefix 0d to signal without ambiguity that they are in decimal notation.
  • Underscores in numeric literals 1_000_001 uses!
  • New format for binary scan (TIP 586)
  • Additional New Features: Package file introspection, finer control of oo objection definitions.

Highlights of Tk 8.7 (so far)

  • System tray and system notifications access
  • Extended Alpha Channel Support: Photo images now support ability of image get and image put to query and manipulate the alpha channel of images that support them.
  • tag delete command for ttk::treeview
  • Text on progress bars: Just what it sounds like.
  • Mousewheel improvements
  • Additional New Features: Capture text ranges touched by undo and redo operations, auto-reverse spinbox limits.