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Installation Bugs in TclPro 1.4

Linux Install Bug

The unzpln86 file on the 1.4.1 installer is an older copy of the unzip application that is linked against version 5 of the C library. New releaeses of Linux (e.g., Redhat 7.0) do not include this old library, so the installation fails.

There are two ways to work around the problem.

  1. You can overwrite the unzpln86 application with a copy of unzip. This is easy if you use the web download that unpacks into a directory. If you have the CD-ROM, you can copy the whole contents to your hard drive and then replace unzpln86 with unzip. The TclPro applications on the CD-ROM do not have a dependency on version 5 of the C library.
  2. You can install that C library from an RPM. Check with your Linux distributor for a list of RPMS that have version 5 of the C library. You can install different versions of the C library without conflict.