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Standard Tcl Library (tcllib)

Tcllib News

2022.05.07Tcllib 1.21 is released
2019.12.02Tcllib 1.20 is released
2018.02.17Tcllib 1.19 is released
2016.02.03Tcllib 1.18 is released
2015.04.30Tcllib 1.17 is released
2014.02.11Tcllib 1.16 is released
2013.02.05Tcllib 1.15 is released
2011.12.13Tcllib 1.14 is released
2011.01.24Tcllib 1.13 is released
2009.12.07Tcllib 1.12 is released
2008.12.14Tcllib 1.11.1 is released
2008.10.16Tcllib 1.11 is released
2007.09.12Tcllib 1.10 is released
2006.10.04Tcllib 1.9 is released
2005.10.14Tcllib 1.8 is released
2004.10.06Tcllib 1.7 is released
2004.05.26Tcllib 1.6.1 is released
2004.02.15Tcllib 1.6 is released
2003.05.07Tcllib 1.4 is released
2002.06.10Tcllib 1.3 is released
2002.01.20Tcllib 1.2 is released
2001.10.21Tcllib 1.1 is released
2001.07.29Tcllib 1.0 is released
2000.11.03Tcllib 0.8 is released
Adds FTP daemon, textutils, javascript, counter
2000.08.09Tcllib 0.6 is released
2000.04.27Tcllib 0.4 is released
2000.04.07Tcllib 0.3 is released
Tcllib References

What is tcllib?

Tcllib is a collection of utility modules for Tcl. These modules provide a wide variety of functionality, from implementations of standard data structures to implementations of common networking protocols. The intent is to collect commonly used function into a single library, which users can rely on to be available and stable.

What modules are in tcllib?

The latest version of tcllib, 1.17, includes the following modules, and much more:
base64 base64, uuencode, yencode encoder and decoder
calendar date & time operations. In development.
cmdline command line argument processor similar to opt
comm socket based 'send'.
counter Event counters, interval timers, and histogram display
crc Calculation of various CRC checksums
csv Handling of comma separated values
des Tcl implementation of the Data Encryption Standard
dns Tcl implementations of the DNS protocol
doctools Writing manpages, the tcl way
exif Handling of EXIF information generated by digital cameras
fileutil Tcl implementations of some standard Unix utilities
ftp FTP client library
ftpd FTP server
html HTML generation procedures. This uses ncgi.
htmlparse Parsing of HTML strings.
irc Tcl implementation of the IRC protocol.
javascript Javascript generation procedures.
log General logging and tracing facility.
math common math functions like min, max, and others
md4 MD4 hashes
md5 MD5 hashes
mime MIME encoder and decoder
ncgi new CGI processing module
nntp NNTP (news) client
ntp time clients
pop3 POP3 protocol implementation
pop3d POP3 server implementation and helper packages
profiler function level Tcl source code profiler
report Tabular ascii reporting. Interoperates with struct::matrix.
sha1 Secure Hash Algorithm
smtpd SMTP server implementation
soundex Phonetic string comparison
struct Tcl implementations of common data structures (tree, graph, queue, matrix, pool, skiplist, priority queue, records, list operations)
stooop Pure Tcl OO package
textutil Text processing utilities, including a macro processor
uri URI parsing module
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