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Tcl Evaluator-In-A-Page

Below is a little evaluator for Tcl commands. Type any valid Tcl command in and see the result immediately. Check out our quick tour of the Tcl syntax. For example, to create a new button, type the following:

button .b -text hello -background red
pack .b
When you're done with the button, type:
destroy .b
and it's gone. You may also want to use the puts command to output results from within loops. For example:
foreach proc [info procs] {
    puts "$proc [info args $proc]"


Here is the source for the evaluator application:

# A frame, scrollbar, and text
frame .eval
set _t [text .eval.t -width 40 -height 15 -yscrollcommand {.eval.s set}]
scrollbar .eval.s -command {.eval.t yview}
pack .eval.s -side left -fill y
pack .eval.t -side right -fill both -expand true
pack .eval -fill both -expand true

# Insert the prompt and initialize the limit mark
.eval.t insert insert "Tcl eval log\n"
set prompt "tcl> "
.eval.t insert insert $prompt
.eval.t mark set limit insert
.eval.t mark gravity limit left
focus .eval.t

# Keybindings that limit input and eval things
bind .eval.t <Return> { _Eval .eval.t ; break }
bind .eval.t <Any-Key> {
    if {[%W compare insert < limit]} {
	%W mark set insert end
bindtags .eval.t {.eval.t Text all}

proc _Eval { t } {
    global prompt
    set command [$t get limit end]
    if {[info complete $command]} {
	$t insert insert \n
	set err [catch {uplevel #0 $command} result]
	if {[string length $result] > 0} {
	    $t insert insert $result\n
	$t insert insert $prompt
	$t see insert
	$t mark set limit insert
    } else {
	$t insert insert \n
proc puts {args} {
    if {[string match -nonewline* $args]} {
	set args [lrange $args 1 end]
	set nonewline 1
    .eval.t insert end [lindex $args end]	;# Ignore file specifier
    if {![info exists nonewline]} {
	.eval.t insert end \n