Damon Courtney

You! Yes, you there! So, you say you wanna' building a cross-platform GUI, but it's too hard, eh? You want something that looks native on every platform? Well, my friend, step right over here and let Tk change your life. What's that? Tk is old and ugly, you say? My friend, you're living in the past! This isn't your grandpa's Tk! Tk has themed widgets that'll make your application come to life! It'll make your application look good wherever you decide to put it! It'll even make crinkle cut fries, by golly! Don't rewrite your GUI every time you move to a new platform! This is the 21st century, my friend, and Tk is going to let you take your applications everywhere you want to go. And, it's going to look darn good getting there. Step right up and let us show you how!

Building native-looking cross-platform GUIs is easy. Really easy. What? You don't believe me? You ever heard of... Tk? Oh, I know what you're thinking, "Tk? That old thing?? It's ugly!" You're living in the past, my friend. Tk has a sharp new look, and it's not just polishing up the same old buttons. Ttk (that's themed Tk to you and me) is a whole new way of developing cross-platform GUIs with all the ease-of-use, familiarity and stability of a toolkit that's been around for over a decade. It makes your Windows applications look like Windows. It makes your OSX applications look like OSX. It makes your UNIX applications look like... well... whatever UNIX looks like these days. With the native look-and-feel of Ttk, you might already be using a Tk application on your favorite OS and not even know it. Let us show you how to make an application that does more than just look good. It looks like it belongs.