GEB: SQLite in Tcl/Tk in SQLite

Gerry Snyder

Abstract: GEB is a Tcl/Tk program for displaying and manipulating SQLite databases. Each of its major functions is stored in an SQLite table. It has much of the functionality of the SQLite stand-alone executable, plus spreadsheet-like table display, complete ALTER TABLE, SQLite version 2 to version 3 conversion, the ability to execute a table as either SQL or Tcl, and a few other functions I had a need for. Potential users include SQLite users who just want to maintain a database file and don't care about Tcl, to Tcl coders who don't care that the storage mechanism is SQLite. It is even better, however, for those in the middle, who want to keep some Tcl code along with some data in a single file, and be able to manipulate both.

Summary: A few years ago I wanted to move a small database project away from MS Access, in part because I wanted to be able to work on both Linux and Windows. . I decided to give SQLite a try, and then had to pick a scripting language. Having had little experience with either, I considered both Perl and Tcl, slightly preferring the former since it was used a lot at work. I ended up choosing Tcl, however, because I had some problems s etting up Perl and SQLite on one of the platforms. Needless to say, I have never regretted that choice.